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I'm a hat wearing, ginger adventurer whose beginning to find her smile again. I love to draw and sew and create things that make other people happy. I cosplay with my own handmade costumes, some of my favourite being Lilith from Borderlands and Merida from Brave.
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Finally settled on a summer project…

Im going to make Idris’ tardis costume!!!!!!!!!! So currently me and mother are sat here watching The Doctor’s Wife and working out what materials its made out of. Im glad my mom accepts my geekiness!!!

My next post on making the dress can be found here. :)

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    I’m sure it will be gorgeous! You have an AWESOME mum.
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    Acutally, I’ve been thinking of making my own 11th Doctor outfit and having a little fun with that.
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    you have an awesome mother!
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    I am! Or rather, I’m collecting information on how to make it, and my mother is actually putting it together. I can’t...
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